In Defense of the Tiara – Crown Princess Mary’s Wedding Tiara

The Facts

This delicate diamond tiara was a wedding gift from Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. It is convertible, and can be worn as a necklace. Its light and airy sparkles are a nice counterpoint to the elaborate ruby parure Mary has the use of for big occasions. Mary added the pearls in 2011, to give the tiara a bit more gravitas.

The Case for the Tiara

LiL: Its okay, but I really wish it was bigger. Even after its upgrade I wish it was bigger. Make bigger.

OC: The added pearls really fleshed out this tiara. I see this as a future-Isabella piece, rather than a future Mrs. Christian piece.

LG: I like it. It was a nice smaller option, as she also had the fabulous Ruby Parure, and I’m always in for a convertible piece.

The Case Against the Tiara

The Handbag: I am not entirely against, not at all. It’s just that I thought it was actually prettier pre-pearls. Yes, it’s beefier now, but it lost some of its delicate beauty.

Does Mary's wedding tiara tickle your fancy?