In Defense of the Tiara – Spain’s Sea Shells

Technically it’s the Mellerio Shell Tiara, but if you haven’t noticed we have a thing about alliteration around here…

This one dates back to 1867, and was purchased by Queen Isabella II the following year for her daughter’s wedding. The tiara floated through the Spanish Royal Family (Isabella II – Isabella, Princess of Asturias – Alfonso XIII – Mercedes, Countess of Barcelona) and was gifted to Sofia by Juan Carlos’ parents upon their wedding in 1962.

The Case For the Tiara

OC: This piece has amazing display power and I really appreciate it. It is simply not worn to its best advantage on Letizia. Sofia has some splendid appearances with it and I like the reference to water, since she was born a Greek princess.

The Handbag: I’ll say straightaway that I don’t think this works on Leti. It simply doesn’t complement her angular features. However, Sofia, with her her heart shaped face and fluffy hair, wears it well. It’s unusual and memorable rather than pretty, but I find it an asset to the Spanish collection.

The Case Against the Tiara

LiL: Hideous.

LG: I want to like it, it’s got massive hanging pearls and lots of diamonds, but it looks too cluttered to me. Maybe removing every other pearl would clean it up a bit. But as is…it’s a no.

What do you guys think?

How do you feel about the Spanish Mellerio Shell Tiara?