In Defense of the Tiara – The Girls

Time to up the ante a bit… The tiara up for discussion this week is one of the best known tiaras in the world: The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland, affectionately called The Girls or the GGBI.

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Most of our loyal readers know the history of this one: given to Princess Mary of Teck upon her marriage to Prince George, Duke of York, the future King George V and Queen Mary.

The tiara was a gift from…wait for it…The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland! A committee raised over £5,000 which they used to purchase this tiara from Garrard, the remainder of the funds were given to charity at the request of Mary.

The Case For the Tiara

The Handbag: I told LG that there would be howls that we were even debating this ; ). I have to say I fall down on the “I like this and I completely understand why its popular” side here. It’s delicate. It’s diamondy. It’s sentimental. It’s at once feminine and regal. It’s versatile. It’s also, probably, a bit overworn and entering tiara fatigue at this point. But that’s the worst I can say about it, and that is not bad!


The Case Against the Tiara

LiL: I don’t understand the “cult-like” adoration of this tiara. I mean, sure it’s pretty enough, but there are other, much prettier tiaras out there. I will say it is by far the best “currently used” tiara in the entire British collection, though.

LuckeyGirl: I know…it’s an unpopular opinion, but I do not like this one. Yes, it’s iconic (hello every bit of paper currency printed in the UK in the last 50 years, and the coinage…), but it’s not very pretty to me. I used to be pretty impartial to it, but once I saw a more dimensional picture of it, I was done.

Ok…how do you guys feel about it?

How do you feel about the Girls Tiara?