In Defense of the Tiara – The Isenburg Floral

For our next tiara in our “Bride’s Family Tiaras” we are heading to Germany for the Isenburg Floral Tiara.

The History

The Isenburg Floral was made in Paris in the 1860 and is the traditional wedding tiara of members of the Princely Family of Isenburg. Princess Sophie of Isenburg is possibly the most famous wearer, but the tiara has also been worn by her sisters, Princess Isabelle and Princess Katharina, and sister in law Sarah Lorenz.

The Case for the Tiara

LiL: I like it! It has a Mellerio floral quality to it, which I enjoy. I prefer it more laidback with a bit of hair behind it like Sophie’s wearing it, but Sarah looks lovely too.

OC: It’s a fairly substantial tiara that manages to look delicate. I’d like to see the ruckus if we have a dance off between this, the Spanish, and the Lux florals.

The Case against the Tiara

The Handbag: Limit it to brides and I am ok with it. That’s not really an “against” but more of a limitation, right?

The Case of the Meh

LG: I’m not a huge floral fan, so this doesn’t really ping major emotions or feelings from me, other than it does look good on both brides.

What are your thoughts on the Isenburg Floral