In Defense of the Tiara – The Spencer

With Beatrice’s happy news last week, I thought we’d jump back into defending some tiaras, this go around we’re doing bridal tiaras from the bride’s family. And to start this series off we’re going with the (possibly) most well known family tiara …The Spencer Tiara.

The History

One of the most famous tiaras began it’s life with Lady Sarah Spencer, daughter of the 4th Earl Spencer; she received the oldest pieces from Frances, Viscountess Montagu. Lady Sarah then passed on the center element to Lady Cynthia Hamilton upon her wedding to the future 7th Earl (Diana’s grandfather) in 1919. The final tiara came together in the 1930s when Garrard was commissioned to create four additional side pieces to complement the original center piece.

The final floral design includes stylized tulips, star shaped flowers and foliage scrolling through the tiara.

This has become the de-facto wedding tiara for the last few generations of the Spencer Family, with both of Diana’s sisters, a sister in law, and niece wearing the piece for their nuptials.

L to R: Lady Jane, Lady Sarah, Lady Diana and Victoria Lockwood

Celia McCorquodale wore the tiara in 2018, upon her marriage to George Woodhouse.

The Case for the Tiara

OC: Simply put? It’s very, very pretty.

LiL: Love. First tiara I ever saw, or at least noticed. It’s simple, gorgeous, and sparkles like mad.

The Handbag: It’s perfect for what it is and who it resides with. It’s a good all around tiara for an aristocratic family that needs a tiara to trot out for weddings and the very occasional royal event. It’s youthful enough to flatter a bridal face but versatile enough to wear with whatever you put on for a coronation or two ; ).

The Case Against the Tiara

LG: While I appreciate the historical nature of this tiara (yes historical, it was worn to one of the major weddings of the last century), and it was one of the first I remember from my early royal watching days (thanks to Diana paper dolls) it just reads a bit too twee for me. It’s lovely as a bridal tiara, but it doesn’t seem to suit much past that.

What do you think of the Spencer Tiara?