Japanese Enthronement – Yes, There’s More

I am loathe to leave the Enthronement behind. Before I indulge myself in a terrible enthronement hangover, there are two final events with a few royals in attendance. Queen Letizia and King Felipe moved on to South Korea, and Queen Mathilde and King Philippe headed home for the Duchess of Brabant’s birthday. Let’s look in on who is left.

Afternoon Tea Party

The Emperor and Empress hosted the party at their home, the Akasaka Palace. Thirty-one royal family members from 18 countries attended, as did Crown Prince and Princess Akishino, Emperor and Empress Emeritus, and other Imperial family members. Excuse the blurry screenshots from video – there aren’t a lot of photos out there.

I’ve always wanted to go to a tea party, and have never been. This one looked particularly jovial. I like to think that Fred was thanking Masako and Naruhito for the excellent selection in the bread basket – what do you think?

Screen Capture from AP Wire

There’s a great deal of affection between these two couples.

Screen Capture from AP Wire

Jigme moved fast, so this one is particularly blurry – but he was there!

Screen Capture from AP Wire

Victoria looked lovely in blue – blue everywhere!

Nothing like seeing something in action so head here where you can see Masako’s obvious enjoyment at seeing Maxima.

Prime Minister Shinto Abe’s Banquet

JIgme and Jetsun arrived and stole the show from under everyone’s feet with their gorgeous national dress and gorgeous faces. However, the others were no slouches. Maxima wore her  Jan Taminiau cape-jumpsuit, Victoria sported a print floral midi dress by Ida Sjostedt, and Mary looked resplendent in a cocktail midi “wedding dress” by Maria Fekih. Charles wore Charles clothes.

I know the camera didn’t capture too many smiles, but my theory is the photographers were somewhere no one expected, and no one had time to set up for the stop and smile.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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People We Missed from the First Night

Look, the Sparkly Sisters, Mako and Kako, were at the banquet, along with Princesses Akiko, Yoko and Nobuko (Thank you, Avery!).

A lovely shot of Princess Kiko and a great view of her tiara.

Evening Gown Mystery

There were internet rumors that Mary had her fabulous gown remade from this previously worn gown (from WAX’s pre-inaugural festivities). I have my doubts due to the color mismatch, but I thought you all would like to weigh in.

From Jesper Hovring’s Instagram account (H/T to Milou!)

All good things must end. We hope you enjoyed the enthronement as much as we did, and we thank you for your enthusiastic participation!