Jewel Speculation – South African State Banquet

Here is a purely Friday fun post for you! You tell us what tiaras and jewels you would like to see at next Tuesday’s state banquet for the visiting South African president.

We’re dropping in some historical data for your review. We can’t tell you what they will wear with any certainty, but we can tell you what they have worn in the past. Don’t let it constrain you, though, you all know the vaults as well as the royal family does.

The Queen Consort

Will she go tried and true and stick to the Wastebasket Greville Honeycomb Tiara? Or will she bust out the very Queenly Delhi Durbar Tiara? Or something from those big vaults?

The Princess of Wales

Miss Catherine has a decided preference for the Cambridge/Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot Tiara, but many would like to see her return, at least once, to the Lotus Flower.

The Princess Royal

My apologies to Princess Anne, who is a late addition here. In what direction will she go? Will she wear something new-to-her to honor her late mother or will she stay back in her supporting role and wear an old standby?

The Countess of Wessex

This one is entirely up in the air. I just hope we get a decent photo of her, whatever she wears on her head.

The Duchess of Gloucester

We’re making some assumptions on who will attend, but the Gloucesters have been steadily doing engagements since Her Majesty’s death, so it’s a good bet they’ll be there. And of course Birgitte is spoiled for choice. What will she do?

Kent Honeysuckle Tiara

Princess Alexandra

She really only has one tiara (but it’s a good one, and I will be very sorry when we no longer see it in public). So the two questions are: 1) Will she be there? 2) Will we get a photo of her? 3) Will she wear her tiara in the pearl, sapphire, or turquoise configuration? Sorry, three questions.

Ogilvy Tiara


Let us know your thoughts! You don’t have to stick with tiaras, either, all jewels are open to discussion.