Let’s Bask in Some Max…

… because it’s cold and gray and dull here, and Max always brings the sunshine.

Queen Máxima opens the exhibition Basquiat – The Artist and His New York Scene at SCHUNCK museum in Heerlen on Thursday, January 31, 2019. H/T to

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It is to her credit that Max brings the same level of interest and enthusiasm to each and every one of her events. Whether she’s opening an art exhibit, touring a cheese factory, or signing documents for a new lease on her palace, she is always intent and focused and appears just happy to be there. That, folks, is a gift, and we are lucky to witness it.

The story of Max is that her clothes don’t always reach the same levels of consistency. Fortunately, this outing falls on the works-for-her end of the spectrum. Yes, it’s her go-to, Natan, which can be tricky. In this case, though, the color and style suit her. The fabric flows. It fits.

The Fabienne Delvigne hat matches well, color-wise, and although I miss the drama of her usual large brim, this allows for a better view of her face.
It wouldn’t be Max if she didn’t add some drama, which she does here with a statement necklace – first worn in Vietnam in 2011 – that lands quite a statement.

If you were getting bored by all the matching pieces and the overall tasteful appearance, click through the slide show above to see her treat the crowd to a couple of quick changes. She modeled a glittery long coat and donned a colorful kimono to try her hand at spray painting. Good sport, thy name is Máxima.