Let’s Talk Some Max

We really must talk about Max. I feel like I haven’t delved into her fashion pool in a long time. Let’s dive off the high board into a series of repeats here. Being Max and all, she mixed them up some for us!

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This is micro-finance Max in play, attending the jubilee conference of Qredits-Microfinance during its 10th anniversary celebration in Amersfoort, Netherlands. This was last seen in October 2018, with the trademark big brimmed Max hat. I sort of miss the hat here, actually, but since we weren’t in business in October, we are talking the dress now. You can view the earlier appearance on

The dress has a bodice of grey wool, with a skirt of yellow lace – they say it’s ocher but I find it more mustard. And, yes, it’s Natan, but I might be going blind because I can’t find too many wonky darts here. I am firmly ignoring her hair, instead focusing on the fabulous gray shoes and clutch, and the utter charm offensive that she is radiating toward one and all.

The Queen took her handsome escort with her for a day visit to Bremen, Germany.

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This eye catching blue and gold ensemble from Jan Taminiau was first seen at the 2017 Koningsdag celebrations. I didn’t catch any good photos of the hat, which is quite something if you remember it! You can see several close ups at ModekoninginMaxima. I will say that it is perched upon some super great Max hair.

For the evening, she also repeated this black and shiny Nina Ricci number, which I hear she’s worn at least three times before. Check out ModekoninginMaxima to see the previous appearances. I think I would like it better with sheer hose, but I do appreciate the drama of this take.

Foto: PPE/Nieboer

What’s your take? Were these worth the repeat? Or something to be placed gently in the back of the closet?