Liberation Day

Every year on May 5th, the Netherlands has a national celebration with a large variety of events to commemorate the liberation of The Netherlands during World War II. The German army surrendered this day in 1945, bringing World War II to an end for the country. The Amstel Concert is traditionally one of the biggest events of the day and was attended by the King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima.

Our favorite Kamerheer Triple-A has taken screenshots from Dutch television for our enjoyment. Proost!


We’ve got a simple diamond rivière, simple studs and some hair ornaments on a red Natan jumpsuit coordinating trouser and silk top. That’s right. I said Natan and I am HERE for it! I think Máxima looks fantastic here, and I’m told that even though I might even love this as a dress, the jumpsuit outfit is perfect for the formality of this event.

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Embed from Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Triple-A

I very much like brooches used as hair ornaments, and this occasion is no exception. Well done, Max!

What could be more Dutch than a canal cruise? Enjoy a few more photos of this chilly evening in Amsterdam.

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How did this event go for you sartorially? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!