Literature Metro 2019

This year marked the fifth anniversary of CP Mette-Marit’s “Literature Train” project. Since her health no longer permits her to take her customary weeklong train trip, she decided to make it a local “Literature Metro” instead. Six libraries, twelve authors, and ten artists, all with hubby Haakon along for the ride, in two day’s time. 

Day 1 – M-M visited libraries in Bekkestua, where authors on climate change were the guests, in Røa, where she welcomed authors of books on the body, and finally in Majorstua, where the discussion was about music and poetry.

Day 2 – The final day of her tour saw stops in Tøyen, where literary humor was the topic, Furuset, and a discussion on fantasy novels, and finally in Stovner where the topic turned deep. “Who are we really? How have we been shaped by our surroundings, what is the point of life?” Heavy stuff, man.

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