Lost Magnificence – Florals

Two of my favorite things are diamonds and flowers.  Putting them together is sheer bliss.  When viewing these four items I must say that the artistry and world-class craftsmanship of the gem cutter, enamellers, and the gold & silver smiths leave me breathless.  The only other thing I could want is to see how royal Russian grand duchess and empresses wore and carried these amazing creations.  Except for the first item, all are kept in in the Diamond Fund, exhibited in the Kremlin Armoury in Moscow, Russia.

If you are in London go to the Victoria & Albert Museum and you can see this divine ruby nosegay.  I remember seeing it there and it is amazing.

Imagine carrying a small bouquet of roses in this posy holder while you walk down a grand palace stairway with your court gown cascading behind you while you wear a parure of exquisitely matched gemstones.  Such daydreams.

I see this worn on a stiff bodice custom made to hold this nosegay front and center for everyone to see.

This last item has one of the best descriptions in the Catalog.  It must be breathtaking.  I envision it worn on a velvet gown in a deep ivory color setting off all the jewels to perfection.

Join me next Tuesday when we jump into the world of Romanov diamonds.