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Magic Moments – 2019

Initially we thought that 2019 was a relatively quiet year, royal-wise. Then it occured to us that was way off the mark. We had weddings. We had confirmations. We had once-in-a-blog-lifetime enthronements. Thus, there is much to reflect on over our first year of blogging. The Hofdames list their favorite moments of the year below, and we are fascinated on where you stand, too.

Weigh in on your favorite royal moments of 2019 in the comments!


There were so many big tiara, touring and travel events, but I’ll leave those to the others. I have to focus on one of our Queens-in-Training, who made a spectacular debut this year. The Princess of Asturias, making her first public speeches at the Princesa de Asturias Awards and the Princess of Girona Awards are my big moments. So proud! As if I raised her myself!

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AH HA! I’ve been sitting here for far too long trying to think of something and it finally hit me! A Fabulous Royal Happening all around!


Dear readers, you know it had to be this appearance by Queen Maxima that was a favorite for me! A showstopping appearance of gorgeous perfectly accessorized. Amazeballs! Scroll through and enjoy the various views of this beautifully made dress by Jan Taminiau.

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This was hard, but once I found one, I couldn’t let it go. Our beloved Sophie, Countess of Wessex, had put in almost 20 years of tiara wearing with her historical, if not well-designed tiara. But then, she just about broke the internet by wearing a re-designed tiara for the American State Visit!

The Queen hosts a State Banquet for the US State Visit at Buckingham Palace, London, UK, on the 3rd June 2019. Picture by Victoria Jones/WPA-Pool

What was your favorite 2019 moment?