Masterpiece Theater–Infanta Elena at Crown Princess Victoria’s Wedding


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On June 19th, 2010 Infanta Elena, Duchess of Lugo attended the wedding of Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and Mr. Olof Daniel Westling (now known as Prince Daniel). She wore a stunning creation from Lorenzo Caprile which, for me, screams Spain. Sure, it borders on costume but just LOOK at it!

Infanta Elena is the older sister of King Felipe VI of Spain but since the country follows male-preference primogeniture, she was no longer the heir after her brother was born. That being said, this woman wore a dress to a foreign Crown Princess’s wedding that simultaneously projects her country, her station, and traditional elements all at once.

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A fiery, passionate color coupled with tassel accents shows honors classic Spanish elements. Historically, richly colored fabric was more expensive and therefore restricted to the upper classes. The bolero jacket echoes traditional matador traje de luces “suit of lights”. This term originated from the use of sequins and threads of gold and silver to create detailed embroidery. Bullfighting was also restricted to the upper classes and so the entire outfit displays nobility and dignity.

Elena also wore her hair in a traditional bun, as often seen in the Flamenco tradition with a festive snood.

(You know I just wanted to say snood, right?)

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Her tiara choice at this event was somewhat of a surprise, as she was recently divorced and the Marichalar Tiara was a gift from her ex-husband’s family for their wedding. You can read more about the tiara at The Court Jeweller or The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor.


This dress had Spanish presence to match the Spanish princess.

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Elaborate, yet elegant. What say you?