Masterpiece Theater: Mette Marit’s Wedding Gown

On August 25, 2001, Mette Marit Tjessem Høiby and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway became man and wife. The bride was stunning in Ove Harder Finseth’s ethereal design.

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It was a tough road for this couple, as MM was an unwed mother with a somewhat questionable past. She even apologized to the country during a pre-wedding press conference.

But let’s dive in to the dress itself. Silk crepe and over 400 feet of silk tulle form a traditional silhouette with almost a cloud-like feel.

OSLO 20010825: Kongelig bryllup i Oslo. Kronprins Haakon og kronprinsesse Mette-Marit ble viet i Oslo Domkirke lørdag 25. august. Kronprins Haakon Og Kronprinsesse Mette Marit danser brudevalsen i slottets store ballsal. Foto: Cornelius Poppe / Scanpix
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This dress, coupled with the fresh face makeup of the bride qualifies for the inaugural Masterpiece Theater because of the way it communicates deceptive simplicity, purity, renewal, happiness, and luxury all at the same time.

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We can’t leave this post without so many people’s favorite photo from that day.

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