Masterpiece Theater – Victoria 2014 Nobel Prize

It’s definitely a masterpiece appearance when your photo taken from behind is as glamorous as any taken from the front. Behold, Crown Princess Victoria at the 2014 Nobel Prize ceremonies.

Embed from Getty Images

You are seeing the back of the Baden Fringe tiara, which is almost as glorious as seeing it from the front. This was the year that she first wore the large diamond cross from the Bernadotte family collection, which you see at the back of her neck. But you know what I love? I mean, just love, love, love? What elevates this from an ordinary gala appearance is the utter care taken from behind. Note the small brooch securing the sash on her back, and, the icing on the cake, the diamond lozenge brooch – said to be a favorite of Princess Lillian – in her hair.

A woman wearing both a tiara and hair bling is definitely royal, and probably a Queen in Training.

Want to see the front? Our OC has the post for you today!

So, what do you think of this Nobel turn? Is this a masterpiece of an appearance? Even just glimpsing it from behind?