Match the Dress to the Designer (Updated!)

When you’re self-isolated, you fall down rabbit holes. I am revisiting my glory days, the eighties and nineties, and looking at photos of the most photographed woman of that period, Princess Diana.

The following dresses are (slightly) less well known, although there a couple that should be slam-dunks. Let’s see if you can match them to the designer. There may be more than one dress per designer, and the following designers are all represented:

  • Catherine Walker
  • The Emanuels
  • Victor Edelstein
  • Versace

Dress One

Catherine Walker, worn to the Serpentine Gallery in London in 1995. It was Lot 3 in the Christie’s dress auction, raising $77,300.00.

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Dress Two

Versace, worn to the Pavarotti concert in 1995.

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Dress Three

Edelstein, worn to the White House in 1985, for the famous dance with Travolta. It is a deep blue, not black, which I did not know!

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Dress Four

Catherine Walker, worn to Cannes in 1987. Inspired by Grace Kelly, and sold as Lot 6 in the Christie’s auction, bringing in $70,000.00.

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Dress Five

Versace, worn in Sydney in 1996 to a benefit dinner.

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Dress Six

Emanuels, worn first in 1981 and several times therafter. She styled it with out without gloves, and with different treatments around the waist.

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Dress Seven

Catherine Walker Elvis dress, worn here in 1990 without the bolero.

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Dress Eight

This maternity gown is interesting. Diana is shown here at a 1984 visit to the Royal Academy of Arts, and per some sources this is a modified Edelstein gown. We are willing to be corrected if someone has different information.

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Dress Nine

This dress (it’s not a gown, but a below the knee dress) was worn by Diana in 1981 to her first speech in Welsh, at Cardiff. She received a standing ovation. It is said to be designed by the Emanuels, but that information comes from Pinterest. I might be persuaded it was a Sassoon, because it has that look about it ; ).

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All right – I’ve had my chance. Although I feel that you all will have these answers in a hot minute, we’ll see if we have managed to stump you. If you think you can trick us with an obscure Diana dress, post it in the comments.