Mette-Marit and Haakon Talk Books in Germany

M-M and Haakon have spent the last several days (Oct. 11-16) in Germany, attending events surrounding the 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair. The FBF is one of the world’s most important trade fairs for books, and this year they chose Norway as their Guest of Honor. Given her well known love of all things “books”, it only made sense that M-M would be the one to pack up her bag (and her husband) and represent #teamnorwegianlit at this event. Let’s check it out!

Day 1: The exhibition “Edvard Munch gesehen von Karl Ove Knausgård” opened in Düsseldorf, Germany. Haakon and M-M were in attendance, with Haakon formally opening the exhibition.

Dress: H&M Conscious. Photo:
Photo: Vorsten

Day 2: On Saturday they visited the capital city of Berlin, stopping at the Pankebuch book shop, which specializes in Norwegian and Nordic literature.

All Photos: @detnorskekongehus

Day 3: Mette-Marit attended the presentation of her Norwegian anthology “”Home: What It Means to Be Norwegian,” at the Großer Sendesaal des in Berlin.

Photo: Zimbio

Day 4: M-M brings the Literature Train to Germany! She and Haakon, joined by school children and authors, take the train to Frankfurt for the opening of the Book Fair.

The train made a stop in Cologne, where M-M and Haakon met with Norwegian authors Maja Lunde and Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson. They spoke about ways nature and the climate are addressed in literature.

Day 5: Haakon and Mette-Marit cruised the Literature Train into the Frankfurt Book Fair. I wonder if they spent the night on it? Did the kids on it spend the night too? A huge Royal Slumber party maybe, with that “stick-bread” that they love so much? That would have been awesome!

Photos: Zimbio

Later that evening they attended the opening ceremonies, where M-M gave a speech.

Photos: Zimbio

Didn’t she look fabulous!? And not a prairie on the horizon! All in all a very successful trip for our Norwegian friends. Perhaps too successful as it looks like M-M wore herself out and was unable to attend the banquet held on the 17th, which Mme Handbag will now hop on here to tell you all about!

Thanks, LiL ; ). I had a hard time finding photos in time for this post but bless both Tiaramania and Auntie Astrid for this screen cap of her in the Winged Aigrette ; ). She repped well and valiantly with Sonja still out with an upper respiratory infection, and MM resting from her trip. We’ll keep an eye out for better photos.