Britain · Denmark · Netherlands

Nab That Necklace

OC: Oooooh, this was a challenge for me amongst three ruby contenders. I love the Dutch Mellerio Ruby and appreciate that the clasp can be a brooch but I know I’d be clumsy and break the diamond strands. This brought me to a dance off between the Greek rubies and the Danish rubies, because we all know I love me a collar style necklace. Ultimately my choice goes to Denmark.

The Handbag: This was indeed hard. Maxima has so many necklaces I desire. Oddly, I usually don’t care for either rubies or chokers, but this necklace speaks to me.

LiL: I’m not a huge necklace fan, but I’ll gladly take the nice and compact George VI Festoon Necklace off of Betty’s hands.

LG: This was an easy one for me…Diana’s Sapphire and Pearl Choker…no question.

What necklace would you nab and why? Show us a photo in the comments!