Name Game – Le Bébé Luxembourg

We’re re-posting this for some evening entertainment. It was posted this morning but fell of the home page somehow. Crazy ways these days.

Time flies! Well, for the Hereditary Grand Duchess it probably didn’t, since she has been doing the literal heavy lifting for many months. As we all know, the Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess are expecting their first child any day now, and we are opening up a post for gender and name guesses.

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The Handbag: I am going with a girl, and for the name let’s just say “Maria Astrid Charlotte Gabriella”. Sounds grand enough, right?

OC: My guess for a girl is Josephine and my guess for a boy is Jean Henri. That’s all I can muster!

LG: Girl – Alix Josephine Marie Victoria / Boy – Jean Henri Guillaume Philippe

LiL: I’m going out on a limb here and calling twins. The poor thing was positively HUGE the last time I saw her in March. That prediction comes with a lot of names so I’m keeping it simple. Charlotte and Jean will be in there somewhere. Probably a Henri and a Astrid as well.