Navigating the Handbag, Part 3

Thanks, everyone for sticking with us while we try a few new things. We appreciate your patience and love that you have kept reading along. We just have a couple of changes to report this week.

Related Posts

We want you to be able to find and read all the fun stuff we have been talking about, but we know you often can’t be here every day. You’ll miss posts, that’s inevitable. Now you’ll see related posts at the end of every post, so if you missed some good info the first time around, or you just want to read some related information again, you easily can.

Contact Us

We are still working on ways to keep communicating with everyone. We have added a “Contact Us” form on the right sidebar. Just fill in the form and send us your thoughts! You can still reach the Twitter account by clicking on the latest Tweet on the right sidebar.

Archives by Year and Month

This feature is still there, but we have added links under each month. When you click on the month you will see list of posts for that month. You will no longer have to scroll through all the posts for the month to reach what you want.

Random Royaling – New feature!

You’ll see some random photos with minimal text – maybe one or two lines – pop up. It’s our way of getting content out quickly, when we don’t have time to write an entire post around the subject.

That’s all for now. Thanks for hanging and here’s to a great week ahead.