Navigating the Handbag, Part 4

There are just a few brief announcements today. 

  • We are going on a summer posting schedule as of this week. We will be posting Monday through Friday. No posts on weekends, except for the odd random event that’s too good to miss, and our housekeeping posts. We plan to try to close out Friday with a fun poll, so you’ll have something to do if you visit over the weekend. 
  • We have changed our color scheme! Our own LiL has worked very hard to get Betty to pop on the banner, so we have gone to a blue and light sherbet color combination. Check it out!
  • We have a new credo,  “Royal Discussion Without the Drama”. It accurately describes what we are attempting to do here. We like to keep things lively, but argument and conflict are not our thing. We appreciate that all of you feel the same way, too.
  • We made some small changes to the Home Page and the sidebar.
    • Instead of “Fast Takes” we now have “Recent Posts”. We felt it would be more straightforward.
    • Instead of archives, we have a “Find the Post” section on the sidebar. You can still search by Month, Recurring Feature, Country, Event and now, also by our most popular posts.
    • The Royal Blogosphere is back on the sidebar. We love to send you to sites with more detail, and our most frequently linked sites are listed here.

We love our audience. We really appreciate all of you hanging out with us while we figure out this blogging adventure. We would like to also thank everyone for adhering to the blog rules. Just a reminder –   we regret that we cannot moderate personal discussions, but we feel sticking to banter and discussion about royals is the best direction for the blog.

Thanks, everyone! Here’s to a great week.