Navigating the Handbag

Thank you to everyone who has joined us on our blog experiment here. We appreciate your patience while we sort out the mechanics of developing content and structuring a blog.

We received feedback from several sources about navigating while on mobile devices and on laptops. To that end, we have streamlined our front page in order to help people navigate more smoothly.


If you click on the the Lilibet banner on any post or page, you will be taken back to the Home Page.

Top Menu Bar

The top menu contains links to the Home Page, Blog, and About Us page.

Home Page

The home page contains the last five posts. Click on any post to expand and view the post and comments.

Blog Page

The blog page contains the blog posts, which you can scroll through in reverse chronological order.

About Us

The About Us page contains information on the four volunteers running this site and a link to our Twitter account where you can Tweet us the latest news or comments on the blog.

Navigational Arrow

The navigational arrow will appear when you scroll through content on any post or page. This arrow is in the lower right corner of your screen. Click on the arrow to be taken to the top of the page.


The sidebar contains a search feature for searching topics by titles, category or text snippet. There is a link to our Twitter account, a link to our monthly and yearly archive list, and a list of posts by country.


The footer of each post contains links to the previous post and next post, if applicable.

Comment Policy

The Comment Policy can be accessed by clicking the link that appears before the Disqus comments.

Hope this helps with navigating through our content. Remember to Tweet us or drop a comment here with any input or suggestions.