Navigating the Handbag, Part 2

Here at the Handbag we realize that we are cranking out content that you might want to access once it disappears from the last five posts on the Home Page. Nothing is more frustrating than looking for something, remembering generally what it was about, but not having specific search criteria. Sometimes you don’t want to scroll through a bunch of posts to find what you want.

We have added an Archives by Categories and Tags page. Access the page through the sidebar link shown below.

The Archives by Categories and Tags page holds all our posts, listed by category and/or tag. Select the down arrow next to the category you want, and a list of the related posts will appear.

Categories are general, such as countries or topics like Arbitrary Apparel Appreciation, and our tags are more specific. If you want to drill down to a specific designer, or specific event, jump to the Tags section at the bottom of the page. Select the category (in this case, designer), and click on the link (in this case, designer name) to scroll through the related posts.

We hope this helps you find what you want, we know it will help us keep track of what we’ve done and where we’ve been. We are ever evolving here at the Handbag, of course, so stay tuned for more Housekeeping posts. You can find this post and “Navigating the Handbag”, the first part, on the Categories and Tags page, under Housekeeping.

Thank you, again, for coming along on this ride with us! We love having all of you here.