Nobel Ceremony – Fave Jewels

Since we can’t have our usual Nobel-fest here, we’ve decided to celebrate another way, with fabulous jewels and fashion. For the next few days we’ll be running down our fave Nobel Jewels, Gowns and Overall Look; starting today with the Jewels.

The Nobel ceremonies are usually when the big guns of the Swedish Vault come out to play. So enjoy our favorite Nobel Jewel looks and please share yours in the comments!


Behold, Madeleine in 2012! Best hair down tiara appearance ever, and that’s hard to say with Crown Princess Mary in the rubies nipping at your heels. The amethysts, be still my heart, are glorious here.

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Look at the brooch deployment from the back!

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Put simply, no one rocks the Buttons more than Auntie Christina. She wears them often and with many random combinations of both modern and historical jewels. (Hey there Uncle Tordie!)


Dang it, Sudsy! You “stole” my favorite jewel appearance. I knew I should have jumped on this post ASAP. Guess I’ll have to go with #2. Victoria in the Cut Steel, 2010.

There’s just something about Vickan and the Cut Steel together that’s magical. A real tiara to wearer match if there ever was one.


I LOVE the Cameo Parure more than is probably healthy, and while I love when Silvia has worn it to the Nobels, something about the pairing Victoria made in 2015 is just outstanding.

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So now it’s your turn. What are your favorite Nobel Jewels of all time?