Nobel Ceremony – Fave Look

For the final day of Nobels here, we’re sharing our favorite looks from the Nobel ceremonies.


She is wearing the Cut Steel (not my favorite) and a beige gown (not my favorite color) in chiffon (not my favorite fabric). Yet this Elie Saab gown and all the accessories are my ultimate favorite. Funny how that works!

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My favorite look of all time is from the dearly departed Princess Lilian. This 2006 ensemble could be repeated by any of the current ladies in the exact same styling today with zero edits. Now that’s classic.

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Yay Sudsy, for taking my favorite over all look as well! *SIGH*. That’s not as tragic as it sounds though, because now I get to share my #1a overall look – Madeleine at the 2015 Nobel Ceremony. I love EVERYTHING about this. I had her official portrait in this gown/tiara combo as my computer’s wallpaper for quite a while.

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This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone…Victoria at the 2014 Nobels. If this doesn’t scream “Princess” I don’t know what does. From the top of the Baden Fringe Tiara to the bottom of the ball gown…it’s perfection.

So now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite Nobel look of all time?