Norway’s National Day Celebrations.

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Yesterday, May 17th, was National day in Norway. While the event wasn’t quite as restricted as last year, it was still on the “low key” side of the usual celebration. Unfortunately, it was also a gloomy and rainy day, which means we have a lot of umbrellas and jackets mixed in with our bunads. Booo…

Haakon, Mette-Marit, and the kids started the day in Asker, where they met representatives of the municipality’s schools, choirs, and scouts at the gates of Skaugum. The family then drove through town, making a surprise visit to both a residential care center, and a school.

Photos: Lise Åserud and Terje Pedersen, NTB and Royal Court.

Next up was the traditional balcony appearance at Slottsplassen. The family was treated to speeches and drill performances, as well as traditional songs and dances.

Photos: Lise Åserud and Terje Pedersen, NTB and Royal Court.

After the ceremony was over, Harald and Sonja, along with Haakon and M-M, made a surprise visit to several of Oslo’s neighborhoods. They had originally hoped to use their vintage convertibles like last year, but the weather made it impossible. That didn’t seem bother the locals, or the school band that showed up to play for them as they drove by.

Photos: Berit Roald, NTB and Royal Court.

The day ended with the family gathered on the Kongeskipet, in the Oslo fjord. People waved from quays and balconies, and small boats followed along behind the ship which eventually set sail for Tønsberg.

Photos: Annika Byrde and Lise Åserud, NTB

Sunny and bright, or cold and rainy, this family always looks like they are having the best time ever. Drop some of your favorite Norwegian Royal Family photos below. Bunads not necessary, but always welcome!

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