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Not-So-Bitty Bits and Bobs

Things are picking are picking up, little by little. Warning – pure charm attack ahead.


Wills and Kate continue to be the face of young Britain, now brought to you in person. At least for a couple events. Not to be outdone, Chuck and Cams show they are adapting well to the digital age, and can still knock it out of the park for the traditional visits. The Spains have been working and exhibiting good mask behavior. See it all here.

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The Spanish royals continue their absorption of culture with a visit to a contemporary flamenco performance. Shallow sort that I am, I just sit in envy over their long slim legs. Letizia is wearing a Massimo Dutti skirt and Leonor is in Hugo Boss.

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It seems like a thousand years, not nine months, since the enthronement. The Sparkle Sisters, Mako and Kako, appeared at the ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of Empress Kojun’s death. The attire is subdued, as required, and the masks add an eerie flavor to the appearance. Nevertheless, I was glad to see them. Naruhito and Masako, as well as most of the Imperial Family, were also there.

Do you like tea? I do, and am fascinated by the proper preparation of the beverage. Let’s just say here in the U.S. we make a bad job of it for the most part. Princess Akiko held an online seminar on tea and it all looks interesting.


Happy birthday and a happy father’s day to Prince William. Kate snapped the photos on the now-famous Anmer swing, to honor her husband the father of her kids. He’s 38 which is mind boggling to the couple of hofdames who remember waiting for his birth back in the hot summer of 1982. We will not reveal which ones but one of them is typing this with her ancient fingers ; ).

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This montage just slays me.


The over-the-moon Luxies released a series of photos of Prince Charles and I don’t blame them. He is winning all the beautiful baby contests these days.

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Let’s end as we like to, with some Classic Princessing. Princess Margriet opened a food forest for pygmy monkeys (yes, you read that correctly). She looked utterly charming in her gray and white and utterly charmed by the monkeys.

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What did I miss?

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