One Remarkable Princess

Princess Senate Mohato Seeiso is the seventeen year old daughter of King Letsie and Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso  of Lesotho. The King and Queen have three children, but only Princess Senate is currently in public life. Her first cause is a big one, and worthy. She is the patron of the Non-Governmental Organization Coalition on the Rights of the Child.

She was nominated by Lesotho’s Ministry of Social Development as the country’s champion and spokesperson against child marriage. She embarked on a tour of her country in 2018, speaking to schools and youth organizations, focusing on the rights of young women and girls.

Photo courtesy of Lesotho in the United Nations

In her role, she is working with the United Nations to implement the Convention the Rights of the Child in Lesotho. An honor she accepted while wearing a beautiful necklace and a dress I wish I had better photos to scrutinize. It is still difficult to obtain photos of the African royals here in the western world. It’s a pity, since she is an accomplished young woman.

She has a lovely, cheerful style, with what seems to be a promising ability to accessorize with jewelry. I look forward to seeing her style, and her professional life, develop in the future.

Lesotho Royal Family, Princess Senate Seeiso, King Letsie III, Prince Lerotholi Seeiso, Queen
‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso ,
Princess Maseeiso , Photo credit: Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture