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One Royal Lady Ponytail…

….is a statement. Two keep each other company. Three’s a trend. More than four – well, now that a movement! A movement of which I approve, particularly when it’s finished off with a sassy I Dream of Jeannie wraparound effect.

Case in point, our first lovely lady.

Sofia has a gorgeous head of hair, but often she defaults to the center part. This can be a bit severe as a one-off, and dull as a steady diet. I often find tendrils to be a messy look, but they complement the entire overall seventies vibe here, and beautifully frame those mega statement earrings.

Look! Here comes Victoria, not one to shy away from getting her hair out of her face, and often out of the picture entirely.

Sofia’s sister-in-law is not unfamiliar with severely styled hair, but she lightened up her usual business bun by letting loose with high ponytail. Quite a jaunty effect for a woman who usually won’t even let a part near her scalp.

Letizia, of course, brings the glam with her entry.

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A slightly different take here, simply slaying the notion that ponytails are only for casual events.

I wish the Duchess of Cambridge would hop on the Royal Lady Ponytail wagon more frequently, because her thick hair makes for a spectacular entry in the field.

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It is also slightly less mature than some of her updos, and a girl has to have some fun.

Did you think I was forgetting someone?

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Call me crazy but I think it’s one of Meghan’s best hairstyles – youthful and spirited and businesslike, all rolled into one. I wouldn’t complain if she brought this out more often. Or even often.