Your Take – One Tweak Only!

You know you want to tweak outifts. Your fingers just itch to do so. I present to you Queen Máxima At The Fintech For Inclusion Global Summit 2019 In The Hague. This is Max in her financial management role, not Max, The Queen, and I think she looks very good here. However, I have suggestions. I will limit myself to one.

Embed from Getty Images

I love the entire idea of this outfit, I like the Max sparkle around the hips and the sassy Max shoes. I am pulling a gentle veil over the hair for this exercise. My tweak is simply to loosen up the fit, a titch, all over. Perfection.

So what say you?

What's Your Tweak Take?

LuckeyGirl here. While I agree with The Handbag that it could stand to be a bit looser, I am ripping off the veil she has so gently laid over Max’s hair. This would have been the perfect time for one of her chic chignons, or even a low ponytail.

OC reporting for duty: Contrasting soft gold purse, please.

LiL weighing in. Only one tweak, eh? Hmmmm. The rest of you have already hit on most of my issues. Hair, a bit too tight, unrelieved grey. I guess I’ll have to fall back on the old standby of put the coat on or take the coat off. At least I assume it’s a coat. I do see what appears to be a belt hanging there.

The results are in and you are all very adamant. I am crazy, Max is perfect, we must leave her alone to be the Queen she most obviously is.