Open Post – Diplomatic Reception in the U.K.

The annual diplomatic reception is on tonight in the United Kingdom. Yes, this is the infamous “guess what night it will occur” and “maybe we’ll get glimpses of tiaras in car” event. So right now we only have what photos are popping up on social media. We might have more official photos later.

However, this is exciting! The Princess of Wales is wearing the Diamond Lotus tiara, with her hair down! Those are my favorite earrings from the late Queen, too, and we have a glimpse of a diamond brooch securing her sash (possibly her new one.) Word is that may be a Jenny Packham gown, and bless her heart, a strong lipstick color too.

The King and Queen have also arrived. Camilla seems to have taken a shine to the Belgian Sapphire Tiara, hasn’t she? She is sporting two re-wears: the George VI Sapphires and a dress by Anna Valentine. That embroidered coat is said to be on loan from her husband.

The official photos are in, and we are being spoiled this year. I do wish I could see if the King is wearing emerald studs, though.

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