Open Post – Italian State Visit to the Netherlands (Updated Day Two)

We are a bit late with this one, but things have been hectic in Hofdame-land. We will remedy that now! Please note we need to muddle on without Getty photos since the embed function is not currently working. You can pop over there yourself if you want a sample, though.

At the invitation of His Majesty the King, the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, will pay a state visit to the Netherlands from Wednesday 9 to Friday 11 November 2022. He is accompanied by his daughter Laura Mattarella.

— Dutch Royal House

Wednesday, November 9

  • Welcome and Inspection Ceremony
  • State Banquet

The King and Queen greeted their guests, and everyone proceeded to the Inspection Ceremony. The Queen wore a repeated green Natan dress (you can see better photos at Modekoningin Maxima), and a grey cape wrap. Her big slice hat is a much repeated Fabienne Delvigne number. Much repeated – you can count the times over at Modekoningin Maxima!

I really enjoyed Laura Mattarella’s ensemble. It’s rare that non-royal can match a royal dress for dress and hat for hat – but Laura does it here.

Evening falls and the banquet begins! The Queen wore the Ornate Pearl Tiara for the state banquet, and paired it with a Baguette-favorite Prinsjesdag dress from Jan Taminiau, previously worn in 2013.

Does Max ever wear pearl strands? I can’t say I associate them with her and this threw me off. Not that they are bad, but I am not sure I would pair them with this gown.

A glimpse of Oma off in the distance. She is wearing one of my favorite tiaras, the Dutch Aquamarine. Pity we can’t see it better! Head to Getty, they have some photos up – she is wearing a gorgeous dress.

Princess Margriet! We rarely get a photo of her during these events, so it’s a treat to see her with the Dutch Laurel tiara beautifully planted on her hairdo. You can see more of the lovely Classic Princess over at Getty.

Sigh, that hall in the Royal Palace is divine. You can catch a glimpse of the Baguette-favorite “star” carpet, too.

Thursday, November 10

  • Meeting with the President of the Senate
  • Government Lunch
  • Musical Performance Hosted by the Guests

Head over to Modekoningin Maxima for some close-up shots!

For the government lunch, the Queen arrived in all new togs. Josine thinks this might be Natan. It has some of the hallmarks of the designer, for sure. However, I do like it. That is a cute little hat too!

For the evening musical performance, Max busted out the Tutti Frutti necklace. It’s not everyone’s favorite, but I like the jazzy effect and think it works well with this repeated Valentino gown. You can see how Maxima has accessorized this look previously over at Modekoningin Maxima. As much as I like the Tutti Frutti, I think I prefer the ruby necklace.

Friday, November 11

  • The Italian President continues to events in Maastricht. The royal couple will not accompany them on Friday.


You know the drill! We will update as we can, but feel free to add your comments and photos as you find them!