Random Royaling – Koningsdag 2022

Well, woohoo! Looks what’s back! 2022 marks the first time in three years that Koningsdag, the country-wide party celebrating the Dutch King’s birthday, is back in the streets! What a party it is! I think we all need this. Thank you to our resident Hofdude and Orangeman, Triple-A, for this on-the-scenes post. The photos are screen captures from our quick-witted Hofdude.

TV & Live Streaming

Official Information from the Dutch Royal Court:

I am not sure how these links will work out of the country, but in previous years there has been live online coverage of the main Koningsdag events on NOS:

Koningsdag live stream

There is also a range of coverage available via Slam FM:

Koningsdag on Slam FM

For the rest of the day’s events, there are a wide range of live and streaming webcams positioned at key points around the city, including on the Museumplein where one of the main concerts takes place:

Amsterdam webcams

Courtesy of Martin Kerrigan.

On the Scene Reporting

The Dutch Royals, ready to party! The older A-Team members demonstrate their love a of a good small handbag and a pop of color. I’m here for it.

Queen Máxima is dressed in a creation by the couture house NATAN, a dress made of pink crepe silk with a 2-piece effect, flared at the bottom with a short cape on the shoulders.

Embed from Getty Images

Gorgeous shot from Gert-Jan, a good friend of the blog. Please do not reproduce elsewhere!

Catharina-Amalia is wearing a Max Mara suit, Alexia is in Tara Jarmon (fabulous color, not just a pop, but an explosion), and Arianne is wearing a Sandro dress.

Amalia demonstrating future Queensday vibes!

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Laurentien continues her streak of never-ever boring us by breaking out this Etro creation and pairing it with earrings that can only be described as statements. Hello there Prince Constantijn, looking good!

Embed from Getty Images

The man of the hour, the reason for it all, had a fabulous time. I think he likes being King, don’t you?

Embed from Getty Images

The entire country seems to be enjoying themselves. I want to sing along with them!

Queen Juliana’s Rose Quartz Necklace

Queen Máxima has a special necklace on her right wrist, worn as a bracelet. Originally it was Willem-Alexander’s grandmother, Queen Juliana’s piece. Shortly after the 1937 wedding day of then-Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard, the court jewelers “Van Kempen, Begeer, and Vos” sent a message to Soestdijk Palace promising the Princess a beautiful necklace made of rose quartz. Ultimately, the necklace was delivered to Queen Juliana shortly before Christmas that same year.

To match the necklace, drop-shaped earrings and a gold brooch were added later, also consisting of these pink-colored gemstones. The beautiful pink rose quartz often has a somewhat cloudy appearance. The stone is usually found in large chunks. However, South America exports beautiful transparent rose quartz, the crystal structure of which you can see with the naked eye. Rose quartz is still one of the most favored gemstones for jewelry making.

The gemstone stands for love, softness, and security. The cabochon cut rose quartz is what we see today in Juliana’s jewelry. Rose quartz naturally gets its name from its pink color. The name has been used since circa 1800. Before that time the stone was called milk quartz or general quartz. Juliana wore the gift many times throughout her life and it seems that her grandson, Willem-Alexander, was allowed to inherit this special jewelry set.


By now I don’t have to remind you – we’ll be around with more official photos when they crop up, but feel free to scoop us with comments and photos below!