Open Post – Princess of Girona Awards (Updated!)

Our Queen in Training, Leonor, Princess of Asturias, has an event today. From our community member Iselen:

“… at 6:15 pm in Spain you’ll be able to watch the Princess of Girona Awards live here. The awards seek to recognise the career of young people between 16 and 35 years old in any part of the world who stand out for their work, their merits and their exemplarity. It’s the 10th anniversary and Leonor’s first speech with some words in Catalán probably. Unfortunately, she can’t go to Girona and the ceremony will take place in Barcelona for the first time since the government of that city declared her persona non grata and also, due to the tense political situation, no politician of the regional government will be there to welcome her officially.”

Links to event:

Link One

LInk Two

The family unit. Leti is wearing her Pertegaz Suit, with the wowza sleeve detail. I do wish we got updates on the Princess and Infanta’s clothes, because I like both very much.

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Queen in Training. Right there.

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Some gray and white family action for today’s”Talent Attracts Talent” activities.

Grown-up Sofia shining through. She will be taller than Letizia very soon. Letizia is wearing Victoria Beckham and UFONomore has been on the case and identified Sofia’s sweater as a Springfield brand.

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Leonor and Dad, and my heart is just bursting. UFONomore has reported this is a Carolina Herrera jacket.

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