Open Post – Stortingsmiddag (Parliament Dinner/Banquet) 2021

Note: We’ll circle back to Designer Diaries next week, visiting with the Duchess of Cornwall and one of her favorite designers. However, tonight means tiaras and we can’t let that pass.

The Norwegian King and Queen will hold a dinner tonight for the representatives of the Storting at the Royal Palace. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess, and Princess Astrid, Mrs. Ferner, will also be present. The event will begin at 8:00 p.m local time (approximately 2:00 p.m. ET). The best news? It’s typically a tiara event.

Please add your photos and comments of the events as you find them. We will add official photos as they become available.

Out of the Past

To entertain ourselves until the photos come in, post your favorites of previous Stortingsmiddags. We’ll start you off with a few.

We’ll start with Queen Sonja in brilliant blue in 2015 wearing Queen Maud’s Pearl and Diamond tiara. Mette-Marit was glowing in her Diamond Daisy tiara and Peter Dundas for Pucci gown.

Embed from Getty Images

Here is one of my favorites, Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Princess Astrid in 2017. Amethysts and Aigrette, coming down the hall together. This is also one of my favorite dresses on MM, by a brand called Koma by Marte.

Finally, in my personal favorites files is also the 2014 appearance of the Awesome Threesome. I particularly love the reappearance of the patterned Valentino (initially worn by MM to the inauguration of Dutch King Willem-Alexander the year previously). Astrid, of course, is charming in her pink and Queen Alexandra/Queen Maude’s turquoise tiara.

Post your photos and your hopes for what we see later today. Personally, I am cheering for an Aigrette/Amethyst reappearance.

The Present

I think we might have ourselves a Live Feed!

Here are some photos from tonight.

Tiara Rollcall:

Queen Sonja: Queen Josephine’s Diamond Tiara
Crown Princess Mette-Marit: Queen Sonja’s Amethyst Necklace Tiara (yeah – the Handbag)
Princess Astrid, Mrs. Ferner (Auntie Astrid): Crown Princess Martha’s Vasa Tiara

Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore a repeated gown, her Peter Dundas for Pucci white gown. If you are going to repeat, that is the way to do it. Queen Sonja wore a silver gown with a sheer overlay on the bodice, and Auntie Astrid was resplendent in white.