Open Post – Wedding of Princess Iman bint Abdullah (Updated with Wedding Photos)

I received a VERY interesting email that indicated the Handbag might want to have an Open Post all week for the wedding of Princess Iman bint Abdullah, oldest daughter of King Abdullah of Jordan, to Jameel Alexander “Jimmy” Thermiótis. The ceremony itself will be held on March 12, 2023, however it’s a Jordanian wedding so it’s a week of celebrations.


The couple announced their engagement on July 6, 2022. We don’t know how the pair met, but it appears it may have been stateside since both have spent considerable time in the U.S. Iman attended Georgetown University and Jimmy was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but is currently living in New York City.

Henna Party

Not a “hen party”, but a traditional Henna Party. This party is typically held on the Wednesday before the wedding. The women from the groom’s family visit the bride at home to paint intricate henna patterns on the bride’s hands and sometimes lower arms. There is often local, traditional food served (tuna or fish in seaport towns or liver in the north).

The Queen shared a photo of Iman getting ready for her Henna party. Eagle-eyed Baguettes and Hofdudes will note that the belt on the dress is from Rania’s own wedding gown. That was a Bruce Oldfield design, which is doubly intriguing since we know the designer was recently announced the person chosen to design Queen Camilla’s coronation gown.

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Ah such beautiful dresses on all the women! Princess Iman’s dress is by Reema Dahbour.

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It’s lovely to see the Classic Jordanian Princesses in the public eye. From left to right: Princesses Aisha, Iman, Queen Rania, Muna (Abdullah’s mother), and Zein. Princesses Aisha and Zein are King Abdullah’s sisters (and twins!)

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The Wedding

Queen Rania graciously shared some of the preparations for the wedding on her Instagram.

The bride was escorted into the wedding venue, Beit Al-Urdon Palace, by her brother Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah. I have been told that it’s tradition to be greeted in the wedding venue by your parents, and the bride was met by her father, King Abdullah. I *do not* know if this is Jordanian tradition, or simply Jordanian royal tradition. You can also see glimpses of Princess Sarvath (in purple) and Princess Muna (in grey). Once joined by her groom, the couple proceeded through their Zaffa (or wedding entrance/march, accompanied by much joyful music).

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The bride’s dress is said to be a bespoke Dior, and speculation is the the tiara was a custom tiara by Chaumet, but this has not been confirmed.

The interior of the Palace is stunning and restful, and it seems to be a very calm way to conduct a wedding, with everyone seated. The couple signed a marriage contract in front of their witnesses. This practice is called the KatbKtab, and is the official act joining the couple in marriage in the Arab world.

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Queen Rania was also in Dior gown with pleated sleeves and a pleated skirt. The sleeves, in particular, are beautiful in motion.

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The Crown Prince and his fiancee, Rajwa Al Saif, wearing a Roksanda gown. We have their wedding to look forward to in June.

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Here is the whole group. You’ll see Princesses Sarvath and Muna on the far left.

And the immediate family. We don’t have any information on Princess Salma’s dress, but that purple is lovely.

Meet the new married couple!

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We can’t leave without taking a peek at the ginormous cake – a feature of Jordanian royal weddings!

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We’ll keep you updated as the week progresses!