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Pillage That Pearl

OC: I find pearl necklaces to be rather stuffy and cannot bring myself to even consider researching one that would float my boat. Instead, I’ll borrow the Dutch Antique Pearl Tiara, if you please. Versatile in materials and settings while symmetrical plus a tinge of natural shape in the pearl toppers themselves.

LiL: Not a pearl girl. AT ALL. But if I have to choose I’m going with these beauties of Maxima’s. Grey/black south seas all the way.

The Handbag: I like my pearls with a modern touch. Sarah Chatto’s pearl earrings, inherited from her thoroughly modern mother, rock my clock.

LG: Ohhh…this is a hard one; but I’m going with Maz’s Wedding Earrings.

What pearls would you pillage and why? Show us a photo in the comments!