Spam the Granddaughters – Queen Victoria’s Birthday

Note: Since we have the Cambridge Open Post, a new(er) Bits, and are celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday today, we are pushing this week’s Bits to the middle of the week.

Queen Victoria, who was born on this day in 1819, had 42 grandchildren, 22 of them granddaughters. Among the girls there were four who became Queen Consorts:

  • Sophia of Prussia, who was Queen Consort of the Hellenes during 1913–1917 and 1920–1922.
  • Maude, Queen Consort of Norway
  • Marie, Queen Consort of Romania
  • Victoria Eugenie, Queen Consort of Spain

One Crown Princess, who died before becoming Queen:

  • Margaret of Connaught, Crown Princess of Sweden

And one tragic Empress:

  • Alix of Hesse, Empress Alexandra of Russia

Here are all the granddaughters. The photos range from the oldest to youngest (as close as I could get!). You’ll note some astounding similarities, so much so I was convinced at times that I was adding the same photo over and over again. I wasn’t convinced that Viktoria of Prussia wasn’t the same person as Victoria of Great Britain. There was one photo of Irene of Hesse, which I did not use, that had me convinced I was loading a photo of Prince William in a wig. Those genes are strong, folks.

Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, Queen of Spain (“Ena”)

Do you have any favorite stories among the granddaughters? Favorite photos? We’ve profiled Alix of Hesse, Victoria Eugenie, and both Margaret and Patricia of Connaught, if you need thought-starters.

Drop your photos and stories in the comments!