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Pocket Profile Infantas Edition – Pilar and Margarita of Bourbon

There’s much more to the Infantas than their marriages and children, but as a quick introduction to them, it’s a good place to start. Thank you to our all-things-Spanish Baguette Iselen for this post!

Infanta Pilar and Infanta Margarita of Bourbon were the daughters of Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona and Princess María Mercedes of the Two Sicilies. Pilar was born in 1936 and Margarita in 1939. Both women were sisters of King Juan Carlos and aunts of King Felipe VI.

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Infanta Pilar of Bourbon married Luis Gómez Acebo in 1967. Acebo is the grandson of the Marquis of Cortina, and his first cousin Margarita was married to King Simeon of Bulgaria. Infanta’s Pilar’s, father, the Count of Barcelona, still didn’t think it was a good marriage. He wanted Pilar to marry King Baudouin. He sent her to Belgium to visit Baudouin along with her friend Fabiola as a companion… you know what happened next! Eventually, the Count accepted his daughter’s choice.

Simoneta was the first child born in 1968. The two pictures below were of her introduction, with Infanta Pilar in sleek late 1960s styles.

Juan Filiberto was born in 1969. Unfortunately, there’s only one pic of him riding a horse with his sister. 

Bruno Alejandro was born in 1971. There’s a pic of his christening and his introduction. Pilar wore navy blue in both. 

Luis Beltrán was born in 1973. Pilar wore the yellow jacket for his introduction. 

Fernando Humberto born in 1974. Pilar wore the green dress for his christening. Very 70s! 

Infanta Margarita of Bourbon married doctor Carlos Zurita in 1972. No one expected her to be able to get married and have a family because she’s blind since birth. However, her mother, the Countess of Barcelona, was determined to teach her how to be independent and strong. Margarita’s very good at languages, really funny and loves rock music, a fan of Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen.

Alfonso Carlos was born in 1973. The yellow plaid dress was from his introduction and the very elegant black and white from his first official photoshoot as a family. 

Maria was born in 1975 and Queen Sofia is her godmother as you can see in the christening pics. 

Both Infantas had long lives and successful marriages. Pilar’s husband died in 1991, and she herself died in 2020. Margarita is still living and still married to her doctor.