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Pop Quiz – Five Degrees of Royal Bridesmaids

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I’ve been playing a game I call “Five Degrees of Royal Bridesmaids.” Fill in the blanks for us!

  • Zara Phillips was bridesmaid for Sarah Chatto.
  • Sarah was bridesmaid for Princess Anne.
  • Princess Anne was bridesmaid for Princess Alexandra.
  • Alexandra was bridesmaid for Princess Elizabeth.
  • Princess Elizabeth was bridesmaid for Princess Marina.

For extra credit, follow the dots here:

  • Princess Irene of Greece was a bridesmaid for both Princess Anne-Marie and Princess Sofia.
  • Princess Anne-Marie was a bridesmaid for Princess Sofia.

Since everyone is just rolling with these, here is more extra credit (this is also posted in the comments).

These five royals met their spouses at a wedding.

a. Princess Beatrix met her spouse-to-be at a wedding in the summer of 1964.
b.Princess Benedikte met her beloved at the wedding of the person mentioned in question A.
c. Prince Juan Carlos and Princess Sofia were a royal match through and through . Although these two met earlier, their romance was solidified at a wedding in 1961, in Great Britain.
d.Prince Carl Gustaf and Princess Sybilla met at a London wedding in 1931, the wedding of their first and second cousins.
e.In 1884, Princess Beatrice and Prince Henry of Battenberg met at the wedding of her niece, and the rest was history.

Toss your own five degrees in the comments (along with the answers!)