Pop Up Post – Stortingsmiddag

Note: I’m letting Ween take over here!

The autumn Stortingsmiddag in Norway is a 105-year-long tradition. The monarch brings together all members of the supreme legislature of Norway, the Storting, for a celebratory dinner. The royals wear their best, which includes tiaras and orders and provides us with a very nice autumn tiara interlude. Unfortunately, this year the King has been diagnosed with Covid and was unable to attend. Never fear, he still wrote a very funny speech, and Crown Prince Haakon delivered it with a few flourishes of his own.

Videos, photos and a translation of the speech are here.

We don’t have a lot of photos (although we will keep looking for them). The Queen wore Maud’s Pearl and Diamond tiara and a dress that is thirty years old. The Crown Princess wore the Amethyst Necklace tiara, and we were blessed with an appearance from Auntie Astrid (looking and moving so well) in her Ruby antenna tiara.

Menu for tonight:

Beetroot carpaccio with Västerbotten cheese, a herb salad, and chive mayonnaise

Scallops with pickled pumpkin and tomatoes in a tomato broth

Elk with plum, an onion tart, and Brussels sprouts with a red wine jus

Swiss roll cake made with currants, rose, and white chocolate

We will try to update with photos if we have access to them!