Classic Repeat – Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s Confirmation Celebrations

Hofdame Note: Here’s a re-run of a favorite post from August 31, 2019, for the confirmation of Princess Ingrid-Alexandra. We’ve had requests for more bunads and more Queens-In-Training, so a look back at this post should scratch both those itches! It’s also timely because this lovely princess is turning eighteen tomorrow. The princess is visiting the Prime Minister today, which we will cover tomorrow with her other activities. In the meantime, enjoy the throwback.

Welcome to a special Saturday edition of Lilibet’s Handbag! We normally stick the tiaras in the cupboard over the weekends, but I think Ingrid Alexandra’s special day warrants a special post, don’t you?

The confirmation service was performed by Oslo’s bishop, Kari Veiteberg and Bishop Helga Haugland Byfuglien.

IA and her godparents: King Harald V, King Felipe VI of Spain, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and her maternal grandmother, Marit Tjessem.

Photo: The Daily Mail

Ingrid Alexandra wore a ‘reconstructed women’s bunad from Aust-Telemark, as it was designed in the period 1800-1850.’ It was a gift from her grandparents, King Harald and Queen Sonja. IA chose many elements for the costume herself, and Sonja, who was basically in charge of the whole thing, did some of the embroidery work, which makes it even that much more special.


If you go to the link in the above photo, there’s a whole feature on the construction of the bunad, along with short interviews with just about everyone who worked on it, including HM. The only drawback is that it’s (obviously) in Norwegian. But it’s still worth a look.

New official photos were released for the occasion.

A luncheon was held after the confirmation ceremony, but we still don’t have many photos, and the few that are out there are very dark. If you happen come across any, please feel free to drop them in the comments, along with any you might see of Mary and Prince Christian who were also there, but apparently hung in the shadows!

Dinner at Skaugum! Third princess to wear this gown – Kate, Sofia and now Ingrid Alexandra. UFO No More has identified MM’s gown as Zimmerman from the Spring 2019 collection, and of course, Ingrid’s is the gown from Self Portrait. Also, if you want a close up of Victoria’s headpiece, there is a great photo of it over there as well.