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Quiz – Weddings of 2021

Even in the middle of a pandemic royals and royal adjacents managed to fit in a few happy events. Nothing is more joyful than a wedding, so let’s see how much we remember the ceremonies we witnessed this year.

This is a low-stakes activity. Our goal is that all Baguettes and Hofdudes get 100%, after all. Be patient and the answer will be revealed to you. And enjoy yourself!

Victoria Bettarini married Grand Duke George in this Saint Petersburg cathedral.

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The tiara worn by Victoria Bettarini is known informally as the Lacis Tiara, designed by this firm.

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Prince Philippos and Princess Nina (nee Flohr) had a religious wedding ceremony in this cathedral (the same place the groom's parents were married).

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Princess Nina wore a Chanel gown and the _____________ tiara loaned from the groom's family.

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Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Noto (née Lady Charlotte Lindesay-Bethune) wore a bespoke gown made by Philippa Lepley with a ________________ neckline.

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Princess Marie-Astrid of Liechtenstein, a niece of Grand Duke Henri, wore this family tiara for her September wedding.

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Princess Maria-Anunciata, sister of Marie-Astrid, was also married in September of 2021. Her dress was by this designer.

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Which of these brides wore a dress previously worn by their new mother-in-law?

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