Random Royal Rotogravure: Spam A Man Birthday Edition

Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway walks across stage to receive his undergraduate diploma in Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley during the university’s Commencement, 24 May, 1999.

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Oh, my! No beard, but just as handsome as ever. I’m sure all of the ladies at UC Berkeley had visions of becoming the next Crown Princess of Norway. Little did they know that he had already met “The One” a few years earlier. (Of course he didn’t know it either at this time, but they would meet up again in a couple of months and then he would know she was “The One.”)

Aaaaannnnd…tomorrow is his birthday! So now it’s time for YOU to jump in here and SPAM THIS MAN! Bearded, clean shaven, as a child with his parents and sister, or as an adult with a family of his own. There’s a Haakon for every occasion!