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Royal Recap – New Twists on the Royal Lady Trouser Pant

A few of the royal women we follow have been stepping out in new takes on the royal lady trouser pant and I feel we must discuss this development.

Letizia in Cropped Flappies

Queen Letizia, along with King Felipe, delivered the La Caixa’s Scholarship while wearing a vest and flappie combination by Zara – at least the vest is by Zara. I have no idea if they are responsible for the flappies. Now, by these comments you may think I don’t like this combination but I must be getting worn down by the trend, because I find myself not minding it in the least.

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Char Wears a Tunic

Princess Charlene made a splash at the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco, in an Arkris asymmetrical mock turtleneck tunic – five words I never thought I would string together. Only Char could come close to pulling this off, but I think she does. It works for her figure, her position, and this particular event.

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Tils in Plaid

Queen Mathilde has worn several interesting variations on the royal lady pantsuit lately. This one, from the beginning of the month, was worn at a meeting of NEST, an organization that supports victims of sexual violence. I have been trying to wrap my head around the ensemble – I keep coming back to “it’s very Tils, isn’t it?”

Sofia in Super Wides

Princess Sofia wore a pair of super wide white flappies while attending a symposium on “Recovery From Anorexia”. The white is a nice contrast to the Cos waffle sweater; however, I think that you might need to be as lithe as the lovely princess to make them work.

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Mary Repeats Max Mara

Did I save the best for last? In my mind, I did. I just love, love, love Crown Princess Mary in this white Max Mara suit at the Korean-Danish business conference. I didn’t love it the first time I saw it but something is happening to me and the flappies are winning me over these days. Maybe it’s the addition of the Dulong jewelry? I do wish her feet didn’t disappear quite so completely into the hems, though.

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What do you think of these takes on the royal lady trouser pant? Do they work for you? Do they bring something fresh to the sartorial scene?