Random Royaling – Art and the Queen(s)

Daisy loves holidays, we know that, right? LOVES them, and loves to unleash her artistic expression on them. I was soothed, amused, and slightly concerned by the photos of the Queen corralling her family to decorate eggs. Soothed because the light is gorgeous, and watching Daisy at work is always relaxing. Amused because I am not sure Fredi was entirely on board. It looks as if he left his outdoor vest on just in case he had to get up and leave quickly for some reason. Slightly concerned about the carpet, but I am sure the palace has wonderful cleaners.

I mentioned to the other Hofdames that skinny jeans must be out if we are seeing the young Danes – always cool – sport the flappies. Happy Easter to all of them! Maybe we’ll get up close photos of the artfully decorated eggs next.

Speaking of art, Christies is preparing for an online auction “The Prints & Multiples” and “Banksy: I Can’t Believe You Morons Actually Buy This Sh*t”. Yes, well, it IS Banksy, hence the irreverent name. It gives us a chance to see the Warhol prints of two Queens, side by side.

Embed from Getty Images

Two Queens. What a nice way to enter the Easter weekend.