Random Royaling – Bal de la Rose

It’s that glittery, glitzy night, when the stylish and cool royal adjacents of Monaco sweep in and host the Bal de la Rose. This is the charity event of the year. It was established in 1954, and the proceeds have benefited the Princess Grace Foundation since 1964. Every year there is a theme, and this one was “La Dolce Vita”.

Heaven of Marie’s Closet has been on the case identifying these gowns, practically as soon as the women walked into the room. Princess Caroline is in Chanel, from the Spring 2019 collection. Tatiana Casiraghi is wearing a Giambattista Valli gown and Princess Alexandra is in Sandra Mansour. La BB swept in wearing custom Dior and carrying Dior clutch. No word yet on Charlotte’s gown.

Princess Alexandra is my favorite, but that might be because a) I love color, and b) she is very un-Monaco like in her cheerful and grinning demeanor.

Embed from Getty Images
Sandra Mansour – Parasol Brilliant

What is your take? Glitzy and fun, or simply too fashionable for mere humble words?