Random Royaling – Bhutan National Day

On the occasion of the 112th National Day, His Majesty the Dragon King Jigme of Bhutan, gave a speech. He addressed the economic concerns of the country, and used the occasion to institute a program of Gyalsung, or national service, for those citizens reaching the age of 18. It includes 3 months of military style training and 9 months of training in a discipline of choice – such as coding, agricultural science, or entrepreneurship. The goal is to provide professional support and a shared cultural experience for young Bhutanese people.

Oh, yes, at the end he mentioned that their Majesties were expecting their second child in the spring. Congratulations to all, and much anticipation to us because we know we will benefit from some beautiful photos.

Speaking of beautiful photos, here are some photos from the Facebook page of Jetsun Pema, taken at  Changlimithang Stadium.

Isn’t it nice how the Bhutanese national dress works with pregnancy? It’s almost like it’s perfect or something….or maybe it’s the person wearing it. ; ).