Random Royaling – Camilla in Wales

Anyone who reads along here, even casually, knows of my obsession with the Duchess of Cornwall. I thought she did a great job during the recent sojourn in Wales, so let’s deep dive on it.

I loved this look for the christening of the cruise ship, Voyage of Discovery. Nautical without being literal, and very flattering to boot. This repeated hat, which Royal Hats tells us is Philip Treacy, really fits with the ensemble. I am particularly admiring the clasp placement on her three strand pearl necklace. Can anyone identify the clasp?

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Camilla paid a special visit to an institution close to her heart, the Maggie’s Center in Cardiff. The Duchess has been president of these centers since 2008. They provide cancer support, including psychological support and nutrition counseling. She also visited New Pathways, a rape crisis and sexual abuse support charity. The Duchess wore a lovely, subtly cheerful polka dot dress in muted pink, which is both appropriate and flattering.

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Official portraits were taken as well. As usual with portraits taken in Wales, the couple looks extremely relaxed and happy. I find this dress to be “peak Camilla”, as we like to say around here.

What do you think of Camilla’s Wales style? A good job all around?